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This tip is brought to you by The Privacy Professor ® Rebecca Herold. Used with permission.


Credit Card Skimmers Ramp Up Efforts


With U.S. converting to chip cards, time is running out


Credit card skimming is not new, but the criminals executing the fraud seem to be getting bolder. Check out this dynamic duo, for instance, caught on camera installing their skimming equipment right under the nose of a gas station cashier. (Thanks to Gal Shpantzer and George V. Hulme for the pointer!)


Worse yet, a growing number of these scammers are even working their skimming magic on the job; the problem has increased since this 2014 video.


Perhaps the crooks are feeling the pressure to steal vulnerable card data while they still can. As the U.S. payments system migrates away from plastic cards with magnetic stripes to plastic cards with chips and other systems, such as tokenized digital transactions, they may be getting a bit nervous. After all, the U.S. has been a gold mine for this kind of crime because it's one of the last developed nations to adopt the chip card standard, sometimes referred to as EMV.


Here again, avoiding the trap is up to us. Pay careful attention to where you swipe or insert your credit and debit cards. If something looks fishy, report it and move on to the next available terminal. Learn more about this threat in this round up of security and privacy threats I put together in advance of the holiday season. 


Source: Rebecca Herold, Founder, The Privacy Professor®, privacyprofessor.org, privacyguidance.com, SIMBUS360.com, rebeccaherold@rebeccaherold.com



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